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The Mighty Podcast: It's Time We Talk About Suicidal Ideation

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Listen to The Mighty Podcast episode, “It’s Time We Talk About Suicidal Ideation” We’ve also provided a transcript below. To talk about the episode or share topic ideas, join the Podcast Peeps community on The Mighty.

In this episode Mighty host Ashley Kristoff is joined by Imadé Nibokun, a writer and mental health advocate who founded Depressed While Black, Marie Shanley of Mxiety, a Twitch streamer, and mental health advocate and Matt Rivera, an actor, mental health advocate, and owner of Neto Keto Foods.

They discuss the topic of suicidal ideation, their lived experiences along with the misconceptions around it. They provide ideas on how to support loved ones experiencing suicidal ideation as well as noting actionable ways to improve the

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