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22 Dating Terms That Explain Why Gen Z Prefers to Stay Single

Gen Z people want to connect with others and love to share their passions and goals. They’re great at supporting and motivating one another, too. Gen Zs view justice and equality as rights for everyone, making them less likely to discriminate.

ADVERTISEMENT However, even with all of these admirable traits, they still struggle when it comes to dating. Gen Zs don’t hide who they are or what they want, and they’ve become pickier about who they date. If you hope to understand why Gen Z people might prefer to stay single, these terms can help you figure it out.

ADVERTISEMENT This term describes a situation where someone keeps people around that they can talk to and flirt with when starting a new romance. They use people as a cushion or something to fall back on if their new relationship doesn’t work out.This term is well-known in the dating world, and it means that someone has randomly stopped answering your texts and calls. They abruptly stop interacting with you, disappearing without explanation.You’ll likely wonder what you did wrong if it happens to you.

However, the situation has nothing to do with you, so pick up and move on without a second thought. ADVERTISEMENT You also might hear about soft ghosting, which is a lighter form. The person will gradually cut off communication but still like your messages or comments.

However, they don’t continue your conversation even when there’s an opportunity.This term describes someone still in a relationship, but it’s about to end. This person looks for a potential rebound, flirting with others so that they have someone when their romance ends.Eclipsing is when you start dating someone new and take on all of their hobbies. It’s normal to show an interest, but you shouldn’t take on

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