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Two Huge Challenges Facing Prisoners in Arkansas (and How You Can Help Incarcerated Friends, Even While Traveling)

Like many prisons, the prisons in Arkansas are facing a number of challenges. Some of these are deep-rooted and others stem from the Covid-19 epidemic. Let’s take a look at the main challenges in place – and how you can help if you’ve got a friend or family member in prison in Arkansas.

Prisons are Full at the State Level – Leading to a Backlog in County Jails

Many jails are becoming overcrowded, such as in Boone County and Baxter County, because prisons are so full. This is leading to a backlog of inmates, with Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery commenting that the huge uptick in jail and prison overcrowding is likely down to “drugs or drug-related crimes.”

This backlog means that prisoners may be being held in crowded or uncomfortable

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