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Where Do Our Personality Come From And Is It In Our Genes?

What makes you unique is your personality, and it certainly is your personality that grabs the attention when you meet new people. It represents who “you really are” and contributes to your personal development and it is very important for creating relationships and the way you think and act in everyday situations.

Many factors influence personality, including parenting, society, genetics, environment, and the ongoing interaction with other people. All of these influences continuously shape our personality in life.

When we are born, part of our personality exists, and there are some inborn features like mood, demeanor, and emotional responsiveness. They can lead our learning experiences that shape our personality later in life.

Our personality is composed of 3 different components:

Character – it is what we learn from experience, and it determines how we behave and feel ( it evolves through life, but it mostly depends on the inborn traits and early experiences) and strongly influences our moral development. Temperament – is the key part of the personality, and it presents a set of inherited traits and determines your approach to life. Environment – it includes all the adaptive patterns, and according to many psychologists, one of the most important factors together with the temperament for the development of our personalities (factors like family and culture are very important for building values in life) How Does Our Personality Develop?

According to psychologist Erik Erikson, our character develops in 8 phases that are accompanied by a psychosocial crisis that must be managed, so we can go to the next one successfully. All these stages influence your development, but the first 5 are the most important.

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