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Retrograde Pluto 2020: April 25 – October 4 – Shadow of Death

Once again, we find Pluto, the planet of transformation, dancing backward. However, this time things seem much more serious than the previous ones. As we’ve already told you the last time in 2019, this retrograde energy begins to reshape reality. Probably for the first time of modern history, people are restricted worldwide at their homes. As if an invisible danger is lurking 24 hours a day, ready to attack whoever is more vulnerable. Retrograde Pluto 2020 is making things look much more serious. Hence, Pluto sheds darkness in our world, messing with our minds, clouding our judgment, hurting our feelings.

However, retrograde Pluto is actually the Shadow of Death and not Death himself. What is really going on is an imbalance between nature’s

effects of pluto retrograde Retrograde pluto Shadow of Death

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