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5 Ways to Use Your Business Savvy to Successfully Navigate Thanksgiving

morphs into unwarranted bossiness when you’re around your younger siblings, don’t embrace the unwanted trait. Use your analytical skills to understand the reason behind the switch. According to by Joyce Wadler, “Mark Smaller, who heads the public information committee of the American Psychoanalytic Association, said he believes that holidays can provoke ‘temporary regressions,’ in which parents, adult children and siblings, once reunited, revert to decades-old patterns of behavior.” Armed with that knowledge, you can recognize when family members are triggering your younger version and make adjustments as necessary.With , an out-of-office message might not be enough to prevent work from creeping into the holiday.

Spend the weeks before you sign off communicating travel plans, working ahead to complete tasks and delegating when appropriate. Be upfront with colleagues about what constitutes a work emergency, what can wait and just how off the grid you’ll be.  Just like you’d never discuss something ultra-private or political during your weekly Zooms at work, if certain personal matters are off-limits during a visit, let family members know in advance. , handle them with deftness: “Uncle Joe, let’s agree to disagree about the midterm elections.

But what do you think about my green bean casserole?” gets you through your workday, right? It can get you through your holiday, too. Jot down what you’d like to accomplish during your visit. Is it asking the keepers of your family history to retell a few old stories? Or perhaps it’s buying movie tickets (instead of snoozing through a show at home).

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