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Why I Wish I'd Listened to My Gut Instead of My Newborn Son's Doctor

When I read Heather Marcoux’s story, Why I Chose to Stop Breastfeeding & Give My Baby Formula Instead, I wanted to cry. But not for the reasons you’re thinking. My husband and I had agreed I would breastfeed due to both of us having allergies and not being able to afford formula.

Well, those first few days were a nightmare. I would breastfeed him, and he’d suck just a little, squishes his face up and then turn his head away from me. After about three days, he got where I had to wake him to feed him. But the same thing would happen. Suck, squish and turn. I believed my son was rejecting me on the most natural level. And my gut screamed that he wasn’t getting enough.

I called our doctor’s office. I was told a litany of things.

1. I’m a new

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