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Zero to Hero: Orphaned & Abandoned Baby Squirrel Climbs the Leg of a Sidewalk Stranger and Earns Himself a Whole New Life

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He was so happy to see the sunflower seeds that he let out a BIG squeal of sheer joy.  And that’s when he tried to find a way into my bag sitting on the sidewalk.He tried to find a hole in three of the corners…and when that didn’t work, he slowly crawled on top of my foot and then he made a quick break for it- scurrying up my leg.

If I hadn’t captured it all on video, I might not have even believed it myself.The orphaned baby squirrel then nearly tumbled to the ground from his single-minded determination.When he reached my upper half, he buried himself safely into my scarf.  I would spend the next two and a half days loving him, researching what to do, trying to find any of his remaining family, trying to find a wildlife rehab facility.

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