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Work Challenges: Common ADHD Pitfalls That Kill Productivity

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ADHD brings creativity, hyperfocus, curiosity, and other benefits on the job. But ADHD symptoms and executive dysfunction can also cause a medley of workplace problems, from poor time management and focus to challenges with communication and prioritization.In a recent ADDitude poll, we asked nearly 1,000 webinar attendees, “Which of the following is your biggest ADHD-related challenge at work?” Here are the answers they gave:Comments and questions from poll respondents provide deeper insight into how ADHD impacts work and productivity:“I started my business and have too many competing important things so that nothing gets done.

Ugh.”[Get This Free Download: 19 Ways to Meet Deadlines and Get Things Done]“How do I switch tasks without losing track of what I was doing before, and stay on top of immediate concerns as they come up, without failing to accomplish the longer-term planning?”“When I hyperfocus, nothing can get me to stop what I’m doing to take breaks or even to stop at the end of the day. ”“When I am working on a given project, I go down a rabbit hole. Instead of starting on the thing that was ask for first, my creative brain decided I needed to flesh out this other aspect of the bigger project to inform the one that I was to be focused on first.”[Read: My ADHD Unleashed a Workaholic. ‘Quiet Quitting’ Is Saving Me.]“I often have a large energy dip in the middle of the day which can also be paired with a mini-depressive episode.

It’s never certain if I’ll fully recover for the rest of the work day.”“Do you have advice on how to identify your energy patterns?

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