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Winter depression

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The article under consideration is devoted to the problem of depression which every 2 out of 5 Russian people have during the winter season. The author considers the reasons for it to be a long winter, lack of daylight and bad weather that we usually have in Russia. In the following text the author gives pieces of practical advice about how to avoid blue mood and depression.

The author starts by telling the reader that it’s crucial to eat yellow, red and orange fruits during the winter because they fill our brain with glucose, vitamins, and magnesium. In addition to the bright fruit the author recommends adding some bright colors to your apartment and your clothes. The next piece of advice deals with physical activity. The author emphasizes that it is important to exercise during winter, but the author also warns us that winter is not the best time to be on a low diet. Lack of carbs, according to the article, may worsen your emotional state.

Instead of going on a diet the author suggests that we eat more products which have antidepressant effect. The author mentions seaweed and fish, oysters, mussels, hazelnuts and almonds as the most suitable food for this season. As for the drinks, according to the article it’s important to replace coffee and black tea with green herbal tea because it might help you to relax. The article goes on to say that having a good rest is essential during the winter. Besides, the author says that communication plays a vital role in our well-being during the winter.

The last but not the least recommendation of the author is paying attention to the aroma that surrounds us at home. According to the article, berry and flower scents may help you to restore your energy. The author concludes by saying that if a person follows these recommendations there will be no worry about winter depression.

As for me, I really liked the article and I found a lot of instructions very useful. For example, I have never thought that the color of the fruit somehow predetermines its nutrition. I have also discovered several interesting recipes like for example the recipe of natural antidepressant which consists of walnuts mixed with honey. I think maybe I should try it this winter. At the same time, I think that these instructions are not enough to really make you feel well during the gloomiest season of the year. In my opinion, your emotional state depends more on your inner feelings, your self-control, not on the things that surround you and you really have to work hard to learn how to control your emotional condition.

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