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Wide Awake in the Epoch of Divine Love

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where can it go to be healed?Your Soul and Source are most urgently interested in your pain—like any parent with their child. “Let’s get this healed so you can go out and play.” I discovered this when I was crying in the desert for some mercy, through the healing power of friendship and taking a long pause in my ambitions.Our pain brings us to Divine Love—the most inclusive, impeccable state of consciousness that there is.

And if there was ever a time to lean into that transmutational power… it’s now.Hello, epoch of Divine Love.With Love, Danielle, Ep 19Naked PrayerHow do you “give it over to God”?

It starts with knowing this: your pain is what God is most urgently interested in—like any parent with their child. “Let’s get this healed so.

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