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Why You Shouldn’t Have Cheat Days—And What To Do Instead

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hot girl summer is on its way. With the mini skirts and strapless bathing suits that come this time of year, unhealthy habits can start to arise with the pressure about our bodies, like falling into the cycle of restrictive eating and cheat days (or using the weekend to “cheat” with food) as a means of eating 100% “healthy” for the rest of the time.

Moralizing our food and rewarding ourselves on one specific day by loading our bodies with foods we’ve been restricting has become normalized in mainstream diet culture and caused quite the disconnect between our minds and our bodies.

Trust me: Whether you want to lose weight, develop a healthier relationship with food, heal symptoms, or get out of the vicious cycle of eating healthy all week just to load up on “junk” food all weekend, you can achieve any goal by appreciating your body and stopping with the restrictions and binges.

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