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Why It Took 15 Years to Be Diagnosed With Endometriosis

Dysmenorrhea. Menorrhagia. Anemia. Ovarian cysts. Transformed migraine.IBS. Cystic breasts. Tilted uterus. Kidney cysts.Endometriosis. [Note: This is my story for March/Endometriosis Awareness Month, and forewarning it is unpleasant and may be triggering.] This list is the order of diagnoses starting with the beginning of my symptomatology at age 14.

There are 15 years between the first and the last. My anxiety at being able to bleed through two pads, plus two to three layers of clothing in just under an hour when my period started, was treated as an annoyance.

My mother complained at the cost of pads I went through, but simultaneously insisted I was fine. After a few months of passing out, I finally convinced her to take me to the doctor.

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