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Why I Stay on the 'No' Train as a Parent During the Pandemic

Friends, Does anyone else out there feel like they are on the COVID  “no” train with their kids? “No, you can’t have a sleepover.” “No, your friends can’t hang out in your bedroom right now, but you can hang out in our heated garage.” “No, your friends can’t come inside the house and no, you can’t go inside your friend’s house.” I’m exhausted talking to my teenagers about this and I’m weary that this has gone on for so long.

To be quite honest, I’m over this… but I know deep inside, I have to remain positive and stay grounded to keep our family safe.

What I thought was going to be a few days off from school has now crossed the year mark. But today I was also reminded, from a stranger, how I have to remain diligent as a mom.

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