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Why I Recommend Taking Things Slowly if You've Experienced Relational Trauma

As you may know, I love my hot tub. Today I wanted to share another lesson this hot tub is illustrating, specifically through my toddler daughter’s relationship with it.

My daughter was only 16 months old when COVID-19 hit (or, at least, when California went into lockdown). In those first 16 months of her life, we never made it to a mommy-daughter swim lesson at one of the public pools here in the Bay Area.

She had never been in a pool. Had never been in a lake. She had never been in any body of water bigger than our bathtub. We didn’t go to any pools or big bodies of water during COVID lockdown and so, when we got our hot tub in January, it was, by far, the biggest, deepest water experience she had ever had.

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