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Why Focusing on Your Personal Growth Now Is More Important Than Ever

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Five frogs are sitting on a log and four decide to jump off. How many are left?The answer is five, because a decision is not action.It’s a silly little riddle that author and coach Rich Litvin uses to motivate his readers and clients, but it illustrates one of the central challenges of personal development: We all want to be, do and have more, but how many will pay the price: to act?Yes, right now going outside is a risk and the global economy is transforming in painful ways.

As shut-ins, we’re having trouble finding motivation. Maybe it would be easier to coast?But how much is sitting on the log costing you?

Or, to flip it, what could you gain if you acted now to be, do and have more? The whole world is unraveling, but it turns out a .“The

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