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Why does Stoicism matter in modern life?

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Philosophy often gets a bad rep. A lot of people think of it as something quite boring, reserved for old dusty books and libraries – certainly not something that could be applicable to real life.

This viewpoint is unfortunate and quite false. We all have our own philosophy, whether we like it or not – the difference is that while some famous philosophies are contrived and inapplicable to real life, our personal philosophies are invariably based on experience and truly dictate the way we operate in our daily existence.

There are, however, some ancient philosophies that deserve a renaissance. One of these is Stoicism, a philosophy that is highly relevant to modern ways of life. What is Stoicism? Stoicism is a Hellenistic philosophy that arose in Ancient Greece in the 3rd century BC, founded by the philosopher Zeno of Citium and arguably most associated with Marcus Aurelius.

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