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“Why Do I Keep Forgetting Things? Learning to Forgive My ADHD Brain”

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I still forget what neurotypical people instinctively remember.[Self-Test: Do You Have a Working Memory Deficit?]I get so engrossed in what’s immediately in front of me and what I’m doing that sometimes little notifications about non-urgent things get lost among my endlessly shifting priorities.

It’s not to say I don’t acknowledge them, but I have days where I realize that it’s no longer April but almost mid-May. Months fly by, and I don’t notice that the seasons have changed until it gets suspiciously sunny or cold, and it’s always cold here in England!So, I do my best to keep putting things on my calendar.

But sometimes I just forget. As a result, I’ve started adding personal to-dos to my work to-do list. If a friend’s birthday happens while I’m on deadline, I can pick up on it at the end of the day.

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