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When ‘Reckless Spending’ With Bipolar Mania Doesn’t Seem That Reckless

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My grandma’s neighbor was the first person with bipolar disorder whom I ever met. I was a child — I didn’t really know what bipolar disorder was, much less that I would go on to learn that I had it, too.

My first encounters with the illness took place in this eccentric old lady’s condo, where she would call me over when she was depressed so that I could help her sort through all the random stuff she bought while she was manic. “Reckless spending” — its a symptom of mania or hypomania, characterized by excessive behaviors involving money.

One might picture a whirlwind trip to the mall, heaps of designer clothes and maxed-out credit cards. Or perhaps a large and risky investment into an uncertain business venture.

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