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When My Autistic Son Reminded Me That I Need to 'Practice What I Preach'

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“Practice what you preach” is how the old adage goes — but I’m here to tell you that sometimes I’m a much better “preacher” than I am a “practicer.” I read an article today that I should have read yesterday before I really pissed my kid off.

The article was titled “Are Your Dreams for Your Autistic Child Serving You or Them?” I often preach on my Facebook page, on my blog, and to anyone who will listen about this very topic, trying to remind all of us — myself included — to make sure you aren’t putting your wants, your needs, and your dreams on your kid.

Yeah, of course we probably all want our kids to be happy, but how “happy” looks to you may not be how “happy” looks to your child, and that, my friends, is where we get lost.

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