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What to Do When You Don’t Have Any Answers

“Will you go into medicine like your parents?” What are your life plans?”Life plans. Hmm…Can one plan an entire life by 22, or any age? “Working on it,” I’d say smiling, but really I wanted to sock them in the face.Conventional wisdom is so dumb, but it did my head in when I was young.

I was in awe of cousins and friends who had it “together” – structure in their careers, wives at 23, down payments on houses. “Shit,” I thought, “How do they make decisions like that? Meanwhile, I was still deciding on lunch.Fast-forward a few years to when I started Fear.less Magazine and my coaching + consulting business.

Those same people (even older, still annoying) said, “You work too much. Don’t you need a balance?” “You know you’ve got to sacrifice to.

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