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What 'Special' Taught Me About Disability Acceptance

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My life has been full of many sleepless nights wondering what I have to do to accept my disability. As an aspiring media writer with cerebral palsy, I started watching the first season of “Special,” a Netflix series following a man’s journey as part of both the LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities last year, but season two is where I felt the most seen within my mental health, physical disability, relationships, self-worth, etc.

The star of the show, Ryan O’Connell, put it best when he said: “I explain things every day, I don’t want to have to do that with you,” and “I do accept my disability, but I still have to live in a world that doesn’t know what to do with me, and that is super painful and shitty.” The truth is, many of us don’t want to

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