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“‘What’s Wrong with Me?’ The Toll of 34 Years with Undiagnosed ADHD”

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our king-sized bed. Because renting half a bed was all I could afford at that time.Let me tell you a little bit about how I got to that low point — my story of enduring more than 30 years with undiagnosed ADHD.Elementary, middle school, and high school all started well enough.

I was a naturally good test-taker and I had a social structure that supported me.Still, I struggled throughout school with legendary levels of procrastination and last-minute saves.

I never completed a book from cover to cover, earning me the nickname “Cliff’s Notes Aron.”[Get This Free Download: How Is ADHD Diagnosed?]“What’s wrong with me?” The question played like a broken record in my head.My mom was quick to supply the answer: “Aron’s just arrogant.

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