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What It Was Like to Get a Breakthrough COVID Infection as a Vaccinated, Immunocompromised Person

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On Monday, August 30, I was supposed to have two surgeries to repair two hernias in my abdomen. Within the weeks leading to the surgeries, I closed my alterations business, double-masked everywhere I went which was only on a needed basis and was extra cautious in general.

Still, after having gone two years not catching COVID-19, it finally caught me. I am vaccinated, but I am high-risk, immunocompromised, have heart, lung, and vascular disease, and all are associated with the rare genetic syndrome, 22Q11.2 deletion syndrome.

As careful as I was, the virus somehow found its way into my system and began its attack. For two weeks, I stayed in my bedroom, avoided my parents, and maintained far more than six feet distance.

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