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What It's Like Being Married to Someone With UC

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I met my husband in 2013, six years before we got married and eight years before we had our son. In that time, I only had one major flareup of my ulcerative colitis (UC)… and it was six months before our wedding.

In the time surrounding that episode, my husband was exposed to a lot of the positives of UC. He met many of my friends that I made through the foundation, he witnessed me celebrating accomplishments as a person living with a chronic illness, he watched me give speeches, and he made sure I always had toilet paper in my hiking pack.

However, if you live with UC (or any chronic condition), you know remission days are still days with a chronic condition. If it’s not impacting me physically, UC is heavy on my mind, whether it’s flare fear, worrying about a friend in the hospital, wondering if I can break free of this conversation for the bathroom… the list goes on.

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