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What Is Your Enneagram Instinctual Variant- Social, Sexual or Self-preserved? QUIZ

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This exciting Enneagram instinctual variant test can help you find out whether you are self-preserved, social, or sexual. The Enneagram system can be explained as a that comprises different types. The Enneagram includes 3 different centers of intelligence, namely – Also read: Peter O’Hanrahan of says “This primary instinct interacts with our Enneagram type to create a “subtype.” So for each of the nine Enneagram types, there are three important subtype variations.

Our path in life is shaped by both personality type and subtype.” He adds “At the meeting of spiritual archetype and biological instinct, the Enneagram help us identify our path in life.” According to the Enneagram theory, we have three basic instincts or drives which regulate us

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