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What Is “Ear Seeding” and Can It Really Improve Your Health?

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Moon Rabbit Acupuncture, to give me the details on all things ear seeding. Read on for a 101 guide to ear seeding and how to reap the benefits for yourself.

While the practice of ear seeding has been blowing up on Instagram and in trendy wellness spas as of late, it’s a practice that has been used in wellness routines for thousands of years. “Ear seeding is a technique used in traditional Chinese medicine, which is a 3,000+ year-old system of health techniques that also uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other modalities to care for the mind and body,” Snyder explained. “The original ear seeds were seeds of the Vaccaria Plant (thus the name “Ear Seeding”), which is a plant that is native to Eurasia and was most often used with.

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