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What Is ‘Bare Minimum Monday’ and Will It Work for You?

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used to feel “so anxious” every Sunday, dreading the massive task list she had waiting for her on Monday morning. It’s long been called the “,” in which Sunday is all about wishing Monday wasn’t just around the corner.

For those considering jumping on the “Bare Minimum Monday” bandwagon, here’s :“I used to feel so anxious every Sunday and wake up on Monday feeling already overwhelmed… then I would inevitably not finish everything on [my] task list, and that would leave me feeling defeated at the very beginning of my week,” she says in her TikTok.

Instead, she has .“I decide on Sunday night, ‘What are the bare minimum work tasks that I have to accomplish tomorrow?’ And then I only hold myself accountable to finishing those bare minimum tasks,” she says. “And then I get to decide how to spend the rest of my Monday, and that usually looks or doing something that would set me up to have a really ….

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