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“What I Wish My Parents Had Known . . . ”

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For many adults, receiving an ADHD diagnosis can be game-changing, causing them to understand themselves — their behaviors, challenges, strengths, and past experiences — in an entirely new light.

Here, our readers cast back to their childhoods, remembering everything from overlooked symptoms of ADHD to misunderstood behaviors, as they reflect on what they wish their parents had known.Hindsight’s 20/20, and the insights gleaned serve as helpful guidance for parents raising a new generation of kids with ADHD.

If there’s something you wish your parents had known when you were growing up, share it in the Comments section below.“No matter how hard I tried, I was too loud, too impulsive, too distracted, and too much trouble. I wish my parents had known that I couldn’t help it.” — An ADDitude Reader“I wish they had known about ADHD and impulsivity. They would have been better equipped to talk with me about what can possibly happen when you make impulsive decisions and offer guidance instead of shaming and grounding me.” — An ADDitude Reader“How all-encompassing ADHD is.

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