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What I've Learned About Communication Skills in Relationships as an Autistic Person

Relationships. Typically, our first thought when we hear the word is toward the romantic variety, but the truth, for the autistic among us, is that they often haunt us in every corner of our lives.

Whether it be classroom or coworkers, neighbors, friends (what are those?), family, and yes, even significant others. That is if we’re lucky enough to find someone who wants to give our quirks and idiosyncrasies a serious shot at love.

Or even like. I went to bed a while ago, but couldn’t sleep, so I came to my desk a little after midnight, to see what things I had been procrastinating on the longest. “Relationships” popped to the top of the list, so I opened the Word doc I had begun, and found that it contained one word. Relationships. I hadn’t

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