What Happened When I Meditated Every Morning for 2 Years

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It’s almost impossible to read a recently published self-help book and not come across the author explaining the benefits of meditation.

I remember when I first heard about meditation when I was in college. But back then, to be honest, it seemed next to impossible to see myself sitting still for anything.I was either chasing my next goal or feeling like I didn’t have enough time in my day.

So why on earth would I spend 10-20 minutes in complete silence with minimum movement. As a high achiever who was always focused on the next goal, I never could reconcile this.It wasn’t until I started hearing the scientific benefits and the testimonials of others who’ve integrated a meditation practice that I said to myself, maybe I should give this thing a try.The benefits of meditation range from reducing negative emotions, increased creativity, increased life expectancy, peaceful sleep, improved focus, and developing a sense of calm in the face of adversity.So I downloaded apps like Headspace and Calm and tried to give them a try.It wasn’t enough for me though.

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