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What an Addiction Professional Thinks About Ben Affleck’s Portrayal in ‘The Way Back’

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I recently had a chance to attend the new Ben Affleck movie, “The Way Back,” on its opening night in Tucson. My interest was piqued not only out of personal curiosity, but as an addiction medicine physician who works with persons living with substance use disorder every day.

I was initially struck by the gritty film style, and while I don’t know if the production quality was intentional or not, it did lend an air of realism to the portion of the movie I liked: Alcoholism is hard and gritty.

Affleck aptly portrayed the life of a person whose brain’s reward system has been totally hijacked by the drug, or in the parlance, “deep in their cups.” The scenes of his character’s drinking in the morning, drinking in the shower, drinking in the car,

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