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What Accepting Bipolar Disorder Means to My Sibling Relationship

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I have always had a loving relationship with my sister, tinged with the envy I have felt for her as the golden child of our family with considerable popularity in our community.

I remember my father once said to me in a moment of frustration, “This is why you have no friends. You should be more like your sister.” During a few bad years in elementary school, gangs of girls would corner me in the bathroom, pulling their eyes into slits, chanting “Ching chong, go back to China.” The same girls would sweetly pat my sister on the shoulder on the bus back from school and say, “We like Shelly, she’s cool.” In high school I was able to hold my own in terms of achievements.

I was valedictorian, won speech contests and essay contests, and entered Princeton University. When she was in high school she, in a way, had to live in the shadow of my accomplishments.

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