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We Speak Human: The Friendship Fine Print

give names to our less-than-attractive traits.From “mean martyrf*&cker”, to “sweet and sour chicken”, to “squeaker-of-the-house”, clearly, I have befriended, named, and leashed (for the most part!) some of my most ghastly traits.This week’s subject matter is particularly near and dear to my (occasionally clogged) heart: two-facedness.

The ability to say “yes” when I really mean “eff no”, and squeak when I am trying to be nice, but really am lying through my teeth.I have decided to name this trait “two-faced tuna”.

Why such a ridiculous name as “two-faced tuna”? It’s because my sister, Lauren, and her husband, David, before they had kids, had an awful rat terrier named Tuna.

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