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We’re Halfway Through Dry January—Here’s How Experts Say To Drink More Mindfully Any Time of Year

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setting resolutions. It might be an attempt to “cleanse” after a season of excessive drinking or a way to start off the new year focused on goals.

While a health boost (and a break from hangovers) sounds enticing, I’m always skeptical about any temporary diet or detox—what’s the point of short-term change if you go back to old habits afterward?

So whether you’re halfway through a booze-free month or just generally sober-curious, I asked experts for the 101 on Dry January, whether or not it’s worth it, and how to limit alcohol any time of year.Just a brief disclosure: If you’re halfway through a totally sober month, the expert tips below will help you finish out strong (because you’re probably finding that it’s not as easy as it seems!).

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