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We Need to Talk About This Netflix Show's Beautiful, Devastating, and Oh-So-Realistic Portrayal of Grief

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I’ve always said “Big Mouth,” no matter how crude, is one of the most emotionally intelligent shows currently on air. “Human Resources,” the show’s spin-off, was pitched as “Big Mouth” meets “The Office,” which is incredibly up my alley as I adore both shows.

I binged it – watching episodes late into the night. I laughed out loud, snorted, and related to a lot of the different character arcs.

It was a great time, until I got to the ninth episode, “It’s Almost Over.” “It’s Almost Over” has several plots coinciding at the same time, but the main plot revolves around a grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease, Yara, who was introduced in an earlier episode, and her son, Amir, who was her caretaker.

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