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Watching “Nine Perfect Strangers?” Here’s How To Recreate a Wellness Retreat at Home

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Nine Perfect Strangers? The thriller, based at a remote wellness retreat, is Hulu’s latest buzz-worthy series that fans can’t get enough of.

I’m going to be honest: I have not yet watched the show or read the book (it’s on my list, I swear!), but I’m assuming that this is not a wellness retreat that you’d opt into, based on the eerie tone and the fact that The Everygirl’s resident lover of all things spooky, Maddie, is a huge fan (something bad has got to happen).

However, the concept of a wellness retreat (not in a thriller storyline) sounds appealing, especially after a stressful couple of years.I can’t speak for Nicole Kidman, but the purpose of going on a wellness retreat is to spend uninterrupted time focusing on your physical and.

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