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“Wasting Time on Social Media? 6 Ways to Stop ADHD Brains from Doom Scrolling”

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Are you wasting time on social media? Do you lose hours upon hours of your time aimlessly doom scrolling and rotating through social media apps?

Does the Internet regularly suck you in to a timeless abyss?You are not alone. Social media is designed to addict, entertain, provide immediate feedback, and deliver dopamine hits in response to every tap and click.The online world’s addictive nature is also why so many people, especially those who struggle with mental health issues, purposely or accidentally get lost in it to avoid uncomfortable feelings like loneliness, anxiety, and boredom.

For individuals with ADHD, the lure of the Internet and social media are especially difficult to resist, thanks in large part to traits like impulsivity, hyperfocus, and time blindness.To avoid wasting time on your phone and/or computer, move with intention – not as a passive observer.

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