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Two Exciting Updates (Including a FREE Life-Changing Event Next Week)

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Hi friends! I’m thrilled to share that Suzanne from Generation Mindful is hosting a FREE online event from January 2nd-4th—the .

I’ve been a huge fan of Generation Mindful since I had my two sons. I only felt comfortable having children after discovering that it’s possible to parent without shame, pain, or fear—and that this is actually the key to raising confident, emotionally resilient children.

Since then, I’ve devoured everything I can find on positive parenting, and Generation Mindful has been a lifesaver during those challenging moments when I’m feeling emotionally triggered and unsure of what to do. In the , you’ll hear from fifteen parenting experts and learn how to heal your wounded inner child, giving them the love, respect, and dignity they deserved when they were young. Whether you’re a parent now or hope to have children someday, this is a wonderful opportunity to identify your triggers and patterns so you can break the cycle of generational trauma.

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