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Top 10 ADHD News & Research Highlights of 2022

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ADHD medications do not place patients of any age, including middle-aged and older adults, at greater risk for cardiovascular disease, according to a new meta-analysis of 19 observational studies that included 3.9 million participants.

William Dodson, M.D., heralded the groundbreaking finding as a “turning point,” particularly for older adults who have been unable to treat their ADHD with medication due to fears of cardiovascular side effects.People with dyslexia have strengths in experimentation, innovation, and searching for the unknown, all of which play a crucial role in how humans adapt and survive, according to a new study.

The first study of dyslexia to use the “cognitive search” model, a cross-disciplinary approach with an evolutionary perspective, the study finds that the difficulty experienced by people with dyslexia results from a “cognitive trade off” between discovering new information and exploiting existing information.The largest supplier of name brand and generic Adderall in the U.S.

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