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This Actor Turned Fitness Trainer Breaks Down Her Inspiring AF Wellness Routine

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That Girl Lay Lay, dancing her way through La La Land, or appearing in cameos on Grace and Frankie, actress, dancer, and fitness instructor Tiffany Daniels can be found teaching her sold-out, high-energy spin classes in LA.

While Daniels’ penchant for dancing remains (she was a former Laker Girl and on Broadway), she’s just as involved in the health and fitness industry.

For her, wellness is more than LA’s devotion to juice cleanses, cold plunges, and IV therapy. “Everything I do is motivated by my desire to live my life in full pursuit of longevity, love, and success across the board,” Daniels said. “To me, wellness is treating this one life and this one body like a temple and a gift.

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