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“These Fidgets Help Me Release Nervous Energy at Work”

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I recently shared with my Italian students a video of myself over-explaining the atmosphere of Wembley Stadium on the fateful day Italy won the Euro 2020 against England.

After I watched the three-minute film, I had some revelations.I had no idea my fidgeting was so bad because I’m the only person in the room who physically can’t see it. (I don’t tend to talk into reflective surfaces other than the rare occasion when I’m reeeally drunk and giving myself the “God, it’s me … I got this, but just in case …” pep talk while looking at my watery reflection at the base of a pearlescent bowl, or I’m “being” James Bond in the mirror when no one’s looking.)Fidgeting is a big part of my ADHD.

It’s subconscious. It can worsen when I’m stressed, learning, addressing a problem, or during intense moments. Fidgeting helps me pay attention, it is soothing, but it can also make everyone around me feel that same nervous energy I feel.My friends have noticed my fidgeting and once turned it into a secret drinking game.

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