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There’s Only One Thing You Need for Success

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I know, the catchy title has you rolling your eyes and saying to yourself obviously there’s not only one thing that leads to success, but hear me out.After years of pursuing my career in music, I finally caught a break last year and my single played on over 100 radio stations worldwide, which led to hundreds of interviews in 2022 and closing out the second half of the year being offered my own television show on a new network which was quickly picked up by New Jersey Television.Of course, this whirlwind of success led to the next logical question that no one has asked me over the last 10 years of struggle; How’d you do that?

I’m reminded of the great Chinese proverb about the Chinese bamboo tree. The story goes that the Chinese bamboo tree does not grow at all for the first 5 years after it is planted but on the sixth year the tree grows 80 feet in just 6 six, which leads to the age old question “did the tree grow in 6 weeks or 5 years and six weeks”?You are educated and articulate enough that I don’t need to state the obvious that it took 5 years and 6 weeks for that tree to grow, even though it didn’t look like it was growing at all for the first 5 years.So after meeting with a new student in my course for creatives and business owners and she asked “How’d you do that”?

It led me to really dig in to what has now become the whole concept for my television show as well as my courses I teach and it really does come down to one thing.The obvious and technical answer to her question is hours of research, cold calls, rejection from radio station after radio station, some interviews that were a hit and some interviews where I logged on and the host was smoking weed (true story lol).

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