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The Well-Meaning Comment I Struggle With as a Chronically Ill Mother-to-Be

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As of writing this, I am 29 years old and 23 weeks pregnant with my first child. This means that I’m past the point of being able to find out what sex the baby growing inside of me is.

This also means that people around me, like friends, acquaintances, and co-workers, are curious. They’ll ask if I have found out the sex of the baby and I welcome the question, because I can whole-heartedly give them my genuine answer: “No, because it really doesn’t matter what it turns out to be.” The comment I struggle with is the one I wasn’t expecting so many people to say in response to my answer.

More often than not, people will say “That makes sense. The most important thing is that the baby will be healthy, anyway.” I understand that people say this from a place of well-meaning.

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