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The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Yoga Online: 10 Digital Platforms You Should Consider Right Now, Plus Pro Audio, Lighting, and Camera Tips

how exactlyare high-profile teachers making it happen? YJ spoke to ten folks, including Carrie Owerko, Jillian Pransky, and Tracee Stanley, to find out which online platforms they're leaning on and why, so you can get a snapshot of what's out there, along with some takeaways from their trial runs.

Yes, in the last few months, you've probably already been on a class or call via Zoom, which is on the list below, but teachers who are using it on the regular and have discovered, even created, new platforms have some tips and tricks to share.

We're confident that, from their great experimentations, you'll pick up a new idea, process, or perspective.See also Tools for TeachersAnd don't feel like you have to rush to do it all. "Identifying short-.

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