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The Truth About Lion’s Mane, Psychedelics & Caffeine

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The lingering stimulant medication shortage has prompted some individuals with ADHD to seek alternatives to first-line treatments that are no longer readily available.

The shortage has also sparked widespread marketing by companies selling alternative “treatments” to ease the symptoms of ADHD.Here, we examine the effectiveness of three of these:Lion’s mane is a mushroom marketed as delivering “brain-boosting benefits.” As with many proposed alternative treatments, it claims to treat many symptoms and conditions, including anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Given the vastly different causes of these conditions, it is highly improbable that one intervention could provide universal benefit.The websites we reviewed, which touted the shaggy white mushroom, acknowledged the dearth of published research studies examining the use of lion’s mane for ADHD.

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