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The Trickiest Transitions for Our Kids — and Proven Remedies

Time Timer Sweepstakes, ADDitude asked caregivers, “What are your child’s bumpiest transitions? What is your secret to smoothing them out?”Here are some reader answers that stood out to us.

Add yours in the Comments section below.“The toughest transition is from video game time to bedtime or dinner time. My 13-year-old son can have a full meltdown with throwing and sobbing.

We’re trying to give him a specific amount of time for games, setting a timer to go off 10 minutes and 5 minutes prior to shut-down time, when my husband or I sit with him while he finishes what he is doing and shuts down.”“Mornings are the toughest: getting from bed to out the door can be filled with so many little transitions! We use the microwave timer to countdown to.

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