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The Real Reason I'm in a Bad Place, No Matter My Circumstances

Here, have a beer and let’s talk about how powerful the brain is. I’m in a bad place. Not in a “I need you to worry about me and ask me if I’m OK” type of bad place, but more of a “this little light of mine … forgot how to shine” type of bad place.

It’s really only a bad place in my own head, because of my own head. On the outside, it’s probably hard to see what is so bad about where I’m at in life — I live in a great city, and I have an incredibly talented wife who trumps me in the looks department and rivals every bit of intellect I have.

I have friends, lots of friends. I play golf often, I go out and drink beer often, I have food when I’m hungry, and all the things your mom told you to be grateful for because there are kids in Africa.

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