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The Question That Allowed Me to Finally Open Up After My Overdose

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As I arise from my 37th sleep in a psychiatric facility, I’m reflecting on a discussion group I attended a few days ago. Aside from the fact I left completely and utterly drained, it was an eye-opening experience and I learned something.

Even us old dogs can learn new stuff it would appear. So, how are you? Did you mentally respond, “I’m fine?” Or, “Good. How are you?!” Like Pavlov’s dog, most of us respond with a conditioned answer. “How are you?” is so common our responses are automated.

That’s fine for chitchat with the checkout chick, but when you’re with your nearest and dearest, when you have big emotions you’d love to share (or would benefit from sharing), it’s not helpful to reply with a conditioned, “I’m fine.” But what other

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