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“The Myth of Perfect Parenting: How to Be Human Alongside Your Child”

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It’s easy, especially when you have ADHD and are parenting a son who is bonkerballs with the same condition, to assume that you (and only you) are the worst parent ever.

It seems like the entire world tries to remind me of this. There are the picture-perfect parenting paradise illusions of Facebook and Instagram, and the countless parenting books that, as a pediatrician once told me, intrinsically imply that all parents are doing it wrong.ADHD has a way of amplifying everything, from big emotions and household decibel levels to mom guilt.

The latter washes over me in the instances when my ADHD inevitably bumps up against his and I yell at my child.Transitions are often tenuous, especially bedtime that can resemble a mind-bending prime-time courtroom drama that morphs into a overwrought Italian opera: Toothpaste flies.

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